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    Day's Calculation



      Day's Calculation


           using fm pro advance


           I have set the calculation Expire Date - Curent Date

           set on number, it givees me right days and date but when i delete the protal it gives me -7876787 numbers when its empty

           also i have setted on different calculated it gives me ? (sign) when dates are clear 

           What i Want is on remaning days when the dates are clear it should give me 0 in days remaning or full empty box


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               Perhaps you should post the actual calculation. If both date fields are empty, a calculation field that uses the two to calculate a number of days should also be empty. Are the two fields defined in the same table or two different tables linked in a relationship? (You mentioned "deleting a portal...")

               If you want to keep from getting a large negative number when Expire Date is empty, use an if function that checks to see if Expire Date has data:

               If ( Expire Date ; Expire Date - Get ( currentDate ) )

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                 OMG OMG philModjunk you are the BEST, yes i have done this by Expire Date - Get ( currentDate ) and works spot on 

            sloved my big problem as this calculations are being used on monitor customer payments

            THANKS ALOT for your help once again