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    Days Remaining Convert to Months and Days



      Days Remaining Convert to Months and Days


      My apologies if this is in another thread. I searched and found numerous references to Age calculations but I don't think it's related. I have a hard time wrapping my head around date/time calculations.


      I have two fields

      Inspection Date (date field)

      Next Inspection Date (calculation fields) which is "Inspection Date * 900"
      Basically 30 months from the current inspection date.

      Days Left (calculation field) which is " Next Inspection Date - Get(CurrentDate)"
      that should give me how many days are remaining before the Next Inspection Date is due.

      I would like to display that as Months and Days

      12 months 20 days and if it gets below a year then just show the days.

      Seems like it should be a simple thing. My brain just can't relate to date and time conversions ;)