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db created by drag and drop is gone

Question asked by MarkerKarahadian on Jul 12, 2013
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db created by drag and drop is gone


     I started a new database by dragging an Excel file to FMP 12 on the task bar.   I created a new label layout and saved the layouts as I went.  I had 3 hours in it and closed the window.  When I went back to print, 20 min later, it was gone.  It is not in recent files or on the central server in the folder where the Excel file came lives.  It never asked me to name the db.  I searched the computer for bot the the file name of the Excel file and "unknown" - nothing.  Does FMP not ask you to name or save a file when closing the window?  When starting new databases from scratch, you get to name it straight away.  This is the first time I have done the drag and drop file creation.  It looked so cool at the FMP demo at the Apple Store.