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DB Setup

Question asked by hisheartscry on Jul 14, 2009
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DB Setup




Please be patient I am very new at this.  However I understand the importance of setting up the DB properly.  Also, I hope I am posting this in the correct place.


I am looking for some guidance on setting up my DB.


I want to create a DB. This DB will house our fellowships church contact information.  Somewhere around 1500 records.  In that, I also want to link the pastors of the church.  However, Pastors come and go, so I am thinking it should be in a separate table.  Also, I am thinking "other staff" would need to be in another table as well.  


Once I have all this setup I want to be able to contact these churches, make notes and put us on a schedule to call make followup calls.  Should this be in another table?  Since we are missionaries I want to be able to track Churches that are supporting us.


I am having trouble wrapping my mind around setting this up properly.


Any help will be appreciated,