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DB with Participant-Entered Data AND Hiding a Record-Based Password

Question asked by turbocator on Jan 27, 2012
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DB with Participant-Entered Data AND Hiding a Record-Based Password


Greetings fellow FM users, and many thanks for all trouble-shooting and development help you've provided over the years...

I work in the Student Media department at a state university (newspaper, radio, tv, magazine, etc) and we're trying to create a DB where we can keep track of all current and past participants for current needs, program evaluation, fund-raising etc.

I was thinking I could make a limited rights user who logs-in at a computer at the front counter, creates a record using their student ID number, adds the data, answers a few questions etc. and exits via a script.

What I think I want to do is have each student enter a "password" as part of their record, then allow students with the limited-rights FM login access only the record for which they have the "password".  I worked on this some last fall, and all seemed to be going ok (although my scripting needs some fine tuning).

TWO questions:

1) Is this approach reasonable, given that I don't want or need to create 100's of user accounts, and want the students to enter and edit their own data rather than complete paper forms requiring data re-entry.

2) Is there a way to make their "password" secret/transparent and accessible ONLY by the application itself? My thinking is that a good number of them would probably use their campus ID online password which I don't want to in anyway be accessible by myself or any other administrative user.

I realize that if we were to upgrade or FM Server and Pro software, we could use the active directory services on campus, and it wouldn't be a real problem. However, I don't see the funding for our FM software and a custom solution were running happening anytime soon.

We're using FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server v 8.5

(Hopefully, once all the bugs are worked out I can migrate things to web publishing.)