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Dbase II conversion

Question asked by richardtwright on Jan 2, 2010
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Dbase II conversion


This is a long shot but ...

I have a DBase II database of about 10,000 records, 5 fields, that I contracted to have compiled many years ago.

In the intervening years it was updated but, the updates have been lost.

I now want to convert or update this information. So...

I have 4 5.25 inch discs in CP/m Kaypro format, Dbase II and want to end up with FMP10 on my Mac.

I have the Kaypro, the discs are still readable and the Kaypro has a serial port.

With the thousands of records I have I am sure the transfer will take hours but that's fine.


Has anyone done anything similar or do you know how this might be done. I know a simple Serial cable to USB ain't gonna cut it.