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DDR Report

Question asked by SteveMartino on Apr 24, 2014
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DDR Report


     Hello Forum, and as always Phil.  I am in the process of cleaning up my Database. Particularly a lot of modified scripts I didn't delete along the way, or move to another file. 

     First thing I did was import all the scripts to another file.  Of course made back-ups.

     I was wondering if the DDR is 100% accurate when it shows a blank next to the lines:

     "Layouts that use this script" and "Scripts that use this script"

     The reason I ask is Script Triggers like OnFirstWindowOpen show the lines as blanks (and they should be), but obviously those scripts are used.  Are there any other potential pitfalls anyone could advise me on to look out for, before I delete the scripts?

     I recall Phil posted something (I couldn't find it) about changing something, then going to a new DDR and comparing.....cant remember exactly..