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DDR reports field as "missing" , but that's not the case ???

Question asked by PowerSlave on Aug 29, 2011
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DDR reports field as "missing" , but that's not the case ???


This is strange , I'm using a DDR to remove redundant scripts / script steps after removing tables & layouts , and I came across this head-scratcher :

Script Steps
  • #This script checks to see if the user has authorization to change the expiry date of a prospect , and if it is granted , asks for the new expiry date.
  • If [ Get ( AccountName ) = "fred" ]
  • Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Expiry date change"; Message: "Enter the date for this prospect to expire."; Buttons: “OK”; Input #1: Prospects::ExpiryDate, "Expiry Date" ]
  • End If
Fields used in this script

Only one field is used in the script , but the DDR thinks there is an imaginary one too.

Anyone else seen this ???