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DDR showing mysterious uses of value lists

Question asked by deathrobot on May 28, 2014
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DDR showing mysterious uses of value lists


     I am nearing the end of my solution development, and am finding fields, value lists, etc. that are not being used or referenced. I ran a DDR and am currently going through the Value Lists table. There are 2 or 3 value lists that are indicated as being used on layouts where they shouldn't be. However, when I go to those layouts to look for the fields that use them, I cannot find them. I have:

     1) clicked on every field and watched the inspector
     2) done a select all and looked for field boundries that might be hidden beneath other objects
     3) used the data viewer to run "FieldNames ( Get ( FileName ) ; Get ( LayoutName) )" to see if there are fields that I am not seeing

     None of those are uncovering the mysterious use of the value list.

     Are DDR's sometimes wrong? Is my file corrupt? Are there ways the list could be used that I'm not thinking of?

     Thanks for any help with this!