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De-Activing FMP on a Mac

Question asked by BayArea123 on Nov 5, 2009
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De-Activing FMP on a Mac


About 8 months ago I got a FMP license for work, on my PC.  I used the same license number at home on my Mac (cause I work from home a lot too) and everything has worked fine until about 2 weeks ago.  Now at work when I try to open FMP I get a "Activating" scrolling bar, and nothing happens.  I am assuming my double-use of the license finally caught up to me? Strange the timing though. 


So I guess my first question is, is that what the problem actually is?  I can open FMP at home just fine still, same license.


Second question is, if that is the problem, would dragging the program to the Trash on my Mac de-activate it?  Or do I need to do something more elaborate?  It is more important to have it on my PC at work