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De-duping records

Question asked by symbister on Sep 7, 2011
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De-duping records


Hi - using FMP 11 on Mac OS 10.5.8

We have a contact database of some 9000 records, in one table 'picacontax'. A number of those records have ticket purchase data attached to them via relational link to a secondary file ('sabosales') which displays in a portal. However occasionally a ticket-purchase record is initiated in the secondary data source without checking if that purchaser already has a record in the secondary data source. I should add that the ticket purchase data is uploaded from an Excel spreadsheet that has been exported from a non-SQL source.

So I end up with two (or more) duplicate records, with similar address details etc, but with two different Patron ID's which therefore link to two different records in 'sabosales'.

I'm trying to set up a de-dupe script that, once two records have been found manually, the operator is then prompted to 'retain' one, keeping one Patron ID, merging the purchase data from both Patron ID's into the chosen retained one, and deleting one main record.

So ideally, once an operator has identified the two records to merge, clicking a 'merge' button pops up a side window, asking the operator to select from a radio button set, which Patron_Id to 'keep'. - but how do I populate that radio button field with only the Patron Id's of the found set? I know it has something to do with TO's but ...

The script would then replace the 'discard' Patron_Id in 'sabosales' with the 'retain' one, return to the main table and delete the record with the 'discard' Patron ID.

does any of that make sense - and how do I do it...? any help appreciated