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    Dealing with inactive records



      Dealing with inactive records


           Is there any reason for not doing the following: 

           Make a duplicate of a table. Make a field that is a calculation field that always equals the value of an inactive record. Then relate the duplicated table to the original matching the calculated inactive field to the inactive field as not equal. The duplicated table then excludes all inactive records. If this is okay to do, it would simplify a lot of my scripts.

           Perhaps this is what is commonly done, and I only now thought of it----but since I have not seen it done, I am curious if this will create some type of problem.

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               Make a duplicate of a table.

               Duplicate a table or duplicate a table occurrence?

               I believe you have a duplicated Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? here not a duplicated table. And duplicating an occurrence to set up a self join to filter for a specific subset of records in the table is a not uncommon technique to use.


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                 I do something very similar, but I use a global "Active" field for the filter (FMP8-11)...same concept.

                 The result is that I am looking at only the active records, but I can go over and look at "All Records" if needed.

                 In fact my "Show All" button in the daily use layout actually does not "show all"...it shows the found set of active records.

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                   Yes, I guess the "Duplicate selected objects" button actually makes a new table occurrence. Thanks for keeping my post from causing confusion. Thanks so much for the affirmation that I am on the right track and won't mess up the database. (Sidebar: I am getting jealous of those who do this for a living. As I learn more about FileMaker, I am beginning to have fun developing this database. It is quite amazing to me what can be done with FM.)