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Dear Filemaker Pro 12 Manufacturer, an MacIntosh Apple Lion some type of cat or other user

Question asked by HughVon987654321 on Nov 29, 2012
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Dear Filemaker Pro 12 Manufacturer, an MacIntosh Apple Lion some type of cat or other user


      Dear Filemaker Friends November 28, 2012

     I am a Newby to Filemaker Pro 12, used on a Mackintosh Lion, I don't think its a Snow Leapord?  In fact I don't even own the Computer. in fact I don't even own a computer.

     Here is the problem, my Friend brought me a computer from their School District and asked me to create a database

     with Filemaker Pro 12 for Mac. and a bunch of videos,  that they purchased From John, he lives in California and apparently uses Filemaker for his buisness, I think he called his company Claris, a little dog chasing his tail.

     anyway John's videos did provide some help for a begginer such as myself. but I lost interest when he used an Alphanumeric number for his serial number.

     and I really liked the Movies that came with Filemaker Pro 12  they were helpful, and you have really a lot of smart innovative people. The book was Ok but I really got tired of Bonzai stuff in a hurry.

     never fear I will eventually get around to my question, Please don't confuse slow with stupid, I am very slow and meticulous, but don't consider myself stupid. at least I don't.

     Now to the question, as a former Microsoft Access 2007 user, they had one button on their database, that made alot of sense to me, it was called? I'm thinking it was called Refresh The Database button ? I think that was what it was called.

     anyway the Button refreshed all files and database updates. I don't see that type of feature on Filemaker.

     as I was saying I have completed my very simple but Rigid, Extreamly Rigid Database, for the said friend.

     and it works just wonderfully except if you make a mistake and delete a record or want to change a field or make a mistake once the record is commited, the only way to get the database to work again is to delete all files, and go back and reset all the primary and foreign keys.

     my question is  besides  paying your gurus megaboogu bucks. how else might one reset a mistake made with the database. and I don't want any scripts, and I don't want long complex calculations, and I don't want alot of  While Do Loops

     my database as I said is very simple,  Add1 + Add2 + Add3 = answer.

     thankyou for you help

     sincerely Hugh V987654321