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    Dear Moderators.......Adventures in FileMaking



      Dear Moderators.......Adventures in FileMaking


      Post to the moderators of this forum.  I think it would be really nice to help this community and to thank Phil (if he wants) by providing a permanent link on the main page to Phil's 'Adventures in Filemaking series, or like other forums, a kind of sticky notes that keeps the post/link at the top.

      I feel it was a major undertaking (for free) by a guy who helps everyone (for free) and would probably help many users, especially new users, who could see it and reference it.  I don't know how long Phil has been here, but he's up over 71,000 comment...........WOW.   We all learn so much from him, save him the trouble of constantly having to paste the link :)

      Of course if Phil is against it...then delete my post.

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          Thank you for the kind words. "pinning" a post to the top is not currently possible with the software used in this forum. While not discussing the AIF series in this context, I have discussed this with the moderators as a way to put a "how best to use this forum" post at the top of the list.

          I will point out that while the first two offerings of the AiF series are free to download, each contains info on how grateful users can make a more significant "thank you" than just kind words if they choose to do so. I've jokingly referred to this as a form of "Geek Busking" and basically, there's info in each file on how to use a PayPal account if the user wishes to express appreciation in that manner.

          While the files are no way approved by or endorsed by FileMaker Inc. I did discuss the release of these files with them prior to my first post of a download link. The basic rule to keep in mind is that links that take users to a "commercial" site are permissible if doing so provides a response in answer to a specific question. So if someone asks about filemaker hosting services, a representitive from point in space--a hosting service is Ok when they respond with a description of their services and a link to their site. Likewise, I limit posts that include download links to posts where someone asks a question where the one of these files includes a technique that answers the question asked by the original poster. Posts that simply announce an available product or service unsolicited are considered "spam" and are not in agreement with the Forum's terms of service.

          As a community leader, I am also granted permission to include a "signature line" with a link to my own web site. I often forget to include it, but do include posts to it from time to time here in the forum.

          Caulkins Consulting, Home of Adventures In FileMaking