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Dear Moderators.......Adventures in FileMaking

Question asked by SteveMartino on Apr 14, 2015
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Dear Moderators.......Adventures in FileMaking


Post to the moderators of this forum.  I think it would be really nice to help this community and to thank Phil (if he wants) by providing a permanent link on the main page to Phil's 'Adventures in Filemaking series, or like other forums, a kind of sticky notes that keeps the post/link at the top.

I feel it was a major undertaking (for free) by a guy who helps everyone (for free) and would probably help many users, especially new users, who could see it and reference it.  I don't know how long Phil has been here, but he's up over 71,000 comment...........WOW.   We all learn so much from him, save him the trouble of constantly having to paste the link :)

Of course if Phil is against it...then delete my post.