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Debugger/Data Viewer broken in Mac Advanced 12v4

Question asked by eswanborg on May 16, 2013
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Debugger/Data Viewer broken in Mac Advanced 12v4


     We have had this problem from the beginning on Windows, but just recently it's made its way to our Mac clients as well:  the Data Viewer and Script Debugger seem to get stuck in a window refresh cycle that makes them un-usable.  Essentially both windows get into a state where they just keep redrawing over and over and over, which means you cannot scroll either one - like when trying to step through a script.  The Debugger also doesn't display text of the steps - or perhaps the font is just turning gray to match the highlight bar - in any case, there is no way to read what it says.  

     This was never a problem on Mac until we upgraded to v4.  This effectively makes Pro Advanced worthless to me - if I can't actually debug scripts, what's the point?

     I did a search here and found one or two somewhat related posts but nothing specifically about 12v4 on Mac.  The Known Bugs file only lists a couple ofitems that are tagged with Debug as a keyword and none of them match this situation.  Would appreciate any help.  Going to have to uninstall and roll-back to v3 at this point - can't work with v4.