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Debugging Calculated AppleScript in FMP 11

Question asked by JuliaLien on Oct 17, 2011


Debugging Calculated AppleScript in FMP 11


I've written an AppleScript that acts on both FMP and Excel (which essentially gets the file path from FMP, opens file in Excel, and format the spreadsheet). It has worked perfectly when I run the code through AppleScript Editor, but when I copy the exact same codes into an FMP script as native AppleScript, it stopped working. Any thoughts?

I was wondering if it was because I can't call on FMP to do things when I'm running the AppleScript within an FMP script, so I rewrote the script and used calculated AppleScript instead of native AppleScript, but I've been getting errors through the calculated AppleScript as well and I'm finding it a lot harder to debug the AppleScript while in FMP (than in AppleScript Editor). Any suggestions on how to debug AppleScript in FMP would be greatly appreciated!