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    Default Font Size of Fields



      Default Font Size of Fields


      How can I set the default font size of new fields and labels so that they are the size and the font I want as soon as they are added to the layout?

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          Hi Jeff,

          FM does a very poor job of this ... you must specify the font, size, background etc while nothing is selected.  If you select a field and later change it to bold, it can use that as the default and you will need to reset it back to the default by doing it again (and unselecting bold).  It is constant PIB for developers.  FM should allow a default which STICKS until the Developer goes into default settings location and changes them.

          What I do when designing a large solution is create a Developer layout.  I place on it, a regular edit field number (set with proper decimal, comma etc); a standard text (with left alighn but indent by 5), fonts, size, color etc.  I even create a portal colorized and sized as I wish.

          Then as I need objects, I copy/paste from my Dev layout to the new layout then double-click them to re-specify to the proper table occurrence.  Otherwise you are always having to change the settings and field specs.  And be careful ... there is a nasty bug which, if you select a field and then choose to change it to bold, it resizes (height and width) which will destroy how you have the field currently placed.

          This is why I copy/paste elements so I don't have to change them later.