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    default for drop-down menu



      default for drop-down menu


      I have a drop-down menu, and would like it to default to the first entry in the value list.  I've tried indicating that in the field definition (auto-enter/data), but it seems to have no effect.  Any suggestions?

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          Let's assume your value list is called "Type".  You would add an auto-enter by calculation to the dro-down menu field with something like:

          GetValue (  ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "Type" ) ; 1 )

          Make sure that the spelling of your value list within those quotes is exact or it won't produce any results.  And it won't help for existing records, only newly created ones.  To prefill existing records,  show all records and then use this calculation in Replace Field Contents.  Back up first.

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            Thank you, that helped -- it ended up working slightly differently for my example: 

            GetValue ( "Dollars¶Euro¶Pounds" ; 1 )

            ...but it works.  Thanks again!

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              Well, if you know the exact value it should be (because it isn't based upon only existing field data), then you can have it auto-enter DATA (right about calculated value options) and just type Dollars. :^)