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    Default PDF Viewer Inside Web Viewer



      Default PDF Viewer Inside Web Viewer


      Hi everyone, I'm trying figure out if it is possible to change the default pdf viewer inside the FM web viewer from Adobe Acrobat to Preview on the Mac (OS 10.5.8 - FM11 Advanced).  Does anyone know if this is possible?


      I already changed the default application to open up PDFs to Preview system-wide, but Acrobat still insists on opening up PDFs inside FM web viewers.


      Thanks in advance.


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          Jason, did you ever resolve this problem?  I have the same problem on my Mac and would really like to resolve it.

          Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


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            This isn't a solution, but just a test that may throw some light on a possible solution: what happens if you remove Acrobat Reader from your system, and only have Preview installed?   I doubt that FM have hard-coded a tie to Acrobat.  If that fails (ie: FM can't find any PDF reader) I'd be interested to know if a re-install of FM, after there is no Acrobat, re-ties FM to the alternative reader.

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              Yes, I did uninstall Acrobat Reader, then re-launched Filemaker and the web viewer works perfectly using Preview.  As soon as I re-install Acrobat, the problem reappears.  So there must be a link somewhere which Filemaker uses, but I simply can't find it in any of the help manuals.  

              Thanks for your help, appreciate it.


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                And, just to be certain, when you re-installed Acrobat, you didn't let it set itself to be the default reader?  If you launch another pdf independent of FM (by double-clicking on it), does it now open in Acrobat, or your default reader of Preview?

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                  I don't know how to make (or stop) Acrobat setting "itself to be the default reader".  

                  All of my pdf files are set with the system to open with Preview, (ie when you type Command I over the file name). My pdf files work perfectly, opening automatically in Preview, regardless of whether Acrobat is installed or not.  The only problem is in FM, which ignores Preview, only when Acrobat is installed on the system.

                  Is there a system wide way of setting the 'default reader'?

                  Thanks again,

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                    When you open a pdf document from inside your web browser, does it open it in Preview or Acrobat?  I just wonder is FM picking up a web-browser preference, which may be different from a system preference.

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                      Sorry for the delay in replying.  Filemaker Support have now answered my original query and their solution works perfectly. Thanks for your help.

                      Their response is:

                      During the installation of Reader X, there is an option of Customize Install. You can uncheck the Safari Browser plug-in from there. Do a custom install and uncheck this plug-in and my PDFs in my FileMaker Web Viewer now display in Preview even with Adobe Reader installed.

                      If you already have it installed, then follow these steps to resolve:
                      To disable the plugin-
                      1. Go to Library > Internet Plug-Ins
                      2. You will see AdobePDFViewer.plugin in the list of plugins
                      3. Create a new folder called Disabled Plug-Ins
                      4. Move the AdobePDFViewer plugin into the Disabled Plug-Ins folder