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Default result in a field if empty

Question asked by LynnSaboley on Dec 8, 2012
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Default result in a field if empty


     Hi all,

     New here and to Filemaker all together. So please excuse me if I dont explain this well.

     On my shipping form I have billing information on one side and shipping information on the opposite.

     Some but not all of my customers have many shipping addresses. So i have a separate table giving certain customers multiple shipping address codes with the different addresses.

     So on my shipping form for the shipping addresses. i have a conditional pop up menu for the shipping codes based on the customer #.

     I have the shipping address fields on the shipping form set to pull from the Shipping addresses table based on this relationship.

     However if a customer does not have multiple shipping codes the conditional pop up field of course says "no values defined". If this happens I would like the billing address to fill in instead. I have tried many different things to attempt to get this to work. No sucess.


     Hope this makes some kind of sense.

     If any one could give any advise i would certainly appreciate it.