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    Default Sort



      Default Sort


      Morning guys,

         Curious if there is a option to change the default sort for my records... Appears to be sorted by creation date or a hidden record ID, I want to change that to another field I made.  I can get the view i want by using the "sort" function but I have various scripts that would interfere with that.

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          The default or "unsorted" order is the creation order of the records or the order in which they were imported--which is essentially the same thing.


          Use this idea with caution as it can affect the behavior of scripts that navigate to your layout, but you can script a sort and then set layout based script triggers OnLayoutLoad and OnModeEnter (or OnModeExit) to trigger the sort script. OnLayoutLoad can be used to sort the current found set everytime you navigate to the layout manually or via button and/or script. Using one of the Mode change triggers can sort the records automatically for you after you've performed a find.


          All these layout triggers may be found under the triggers tab in Layout Setup...