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    Default Value in drop down menu



      Default Value in drop down menu


           I have a set of fields that all have a drop down menu entry method. Each field has values of "4" "3" "2" "1". Right now when I select a record the fields have an automatically entered default value of "3" I would like to change that so the default is "1" but I am not sure how. Any help will be much appreciated.


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               Go to Field options for each field (find field in Manage | Database | Fields and double click).

               On the auto-enter tab, see if there is a 3 in the data box. If so, change it to 1.

               This change will only affect the value shown in new records. Existing records will still have 3 as the default value.

               If there is no 3 in the data box, check for an auto-entered calculation or even a looked up value setting that might possibly enter such a value. If none is specified, you'll have to keep checking other aspects of your design to see how that default value is being entered. A script trigger, for example might perform a script that puts that 3 in the fields.

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                 Thanks I found how to change it. Is there a way to make the same change for existing records?

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                   Replace Field Contents can be used to update values in existing records, but you'll need to be careful to only change this value in records where the value is the default--and not the value the user intended to select. Since the default value might in fact be the selected value, I don't see how you can pull up just those records so that you can update the default value in just them.

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                     Sorry to jump in here, I'm looking to set a default value when a record is created from a drop down list, but can't seem to find a way of doing this, any help greatly appreciated.


                     Many thanks