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    Default Value List Items



      Default Value List Items


      I am half sure this is a possibility but am lost on where how to get it rolling.  What I want to do is have some of my simple value lists (example: Yes/No) be auto entered on the creation of a new record.  If the users need to change them from their original value they can; however, a few fields rarely change yet are a necessity overall.  Thank you for the help, I am sure it is a trivial issue for the real pros out there.

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          There are auto-enter field options that can be set up to enter default values. This works for a valuel list formatted field much like anyother.

          Using the Data or calculation options you can specify explicit values ( or a list of values ) to be entered, or you can even specify all the values in a defined value list with the ValueListItems function.

          This example would auto-enter all the values in the value list so it would have the effect of starting off a checkbox formatted field with all check boxes selected:

          ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "YourValueListNameinQuotes" )

          (I sometimes use this expression with a "select all" button that I position next to a check box field.)