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Default, but customizable contract langauge with merge fields ::sigh::

Question asked by ssmith on Feb 5, 2013
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Default, but customizable contract langauge with merge fields ::sigh::


     I'm bleary eyed from trying to figure this one out.  Any assistance would be appreciated enormously, not only from from me, but also from my attention starved dog and neglected wife...

     Create a printable proposal layout that includes a Cover Letter, a Quote and a Contract.  The Contract language should be boilerplate, but also must be customizable to satisfy certain customers.

     I've got the Cover Letter and Quote part of the layout done.  The issue is the Contract.  I cannot get the Contract to print with merged fields or merged variables.  The print out will actually say <<FirstName>>, rather than John.

     The idea is that the Contract_Text field should auto populate with the default text, but that the Contract_Text field can be modified if the customer wants certain language added or removed.  The Merged Fields and Merged Variables are contained in the Default_Contract_Text field, but I cannot get those values to display, even when I preview the Default Contract layout directly.  

     Current Structure:

     Clients Table - contains client info

     Quotes Table - contains a portal from the Quote Line Items table. Related to a Client record and a Contact record

     Contracts Table - Each Quote Record is associated to one Contract Record. Fields are Contract_ID, Quote_ID (relationship to Quote_ID field of Quotes Table),  Contract_Text, and Default_Contract_Text which is a Global Storage field.  Contract_Text field has a simple Auto-Enter Calculation: Default_Contract_Text

     Thanks in advance!