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Defining a "repeatable" field

Question asked by JantzSelk on May 23, 2011
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Defining a "repeatable" field


Hey Everyone, I am very new to FM and i am trying to define a field (#1) which has mulitple lines. These lines are linked to another field (#2) and i need to make it so that i can pull items from field #2 and relate them to the multiple lines in field #1. What i mean by this is that field #1 will vary in the number of items it has to pull from field #2 depending on the record. So what im looking for is a way to get around defining a seperate field for every item i pull from field #2, i thought i could do this by using multiple lines in field #1 to pull multiple items from field #2. Can anyone help me with this?... i'm sure it is a simple fix!