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Defining a Report Cover Photo Using a Calculated Container Field

Question asked by ColinJim on May 2, 2013
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Defining a Report Cover Photo Using a Calculated Container Field


     Hi all!  I'm a fairly new user (2 months) and have picked up filemaker to help streamline some inspection work (using iPads and filemaker go) and associated reporting that my company is doing.  I've been using this forum a lot but this is my first post.

     Here is the low down.  We are inspecting approximately 100 bridges and at each bridge we take anywhere from 20-40 photos.  I have a table set up for my insepction data which I have related to a photograph table through a field called Bridge_ID.  On my inspection layout (used on the ipad) I have a portal set up to show the photograph table which allows me to add as many photos as I want at each bridge site.

     In creating the reports, I only want to use one of the photos for the cover page.  How I planned to automate this was by creating a photo_tag field in my Photographs table so that I can apply labels such as "cover" or "report" or both.  These labels would be applied through a checkbox set when I get back in the office where I can better determine the quality of the photos.

     When I create a report layout for my cover page and I add the photo field, it shows the first photo recorded associated with the bridge I am reporting.  I want the cover page to display the photo that I apply the label "cover" in the photo_tag field.  I was planning on creating a calculated container field in my inspection data table called c_cover_photo that would populate based on filtering through photos in the photograph table that match both the Bridge_ID AND have the "cover" label applied.

     I'm having trouble determining what the calculation needs to be for me populate my calaculated container field with the contents of the Photo container field in the related Photographs table based on the contents of the Photo_Tag field.

     Perhaps this isn't even the best way to achieve what I want to do.  I am open to all suggestions and can provide clarification to any of my garbled explanation above if required.

     Thanks in advance.  Colin