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    defining access privileges



      defining access privileges


      Looking to specify calculation to allow account manager to call up only those records with his initials in Account Manager field. Dialog box askes for field, operator(s) then function. Unclear as to which function to select and how then to describe in calculation. There are a large number of "text" functions and have no idea which to select


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          Thank you for your post.


          The Get (AccountName) function returns the name of the account.  If the AccountName is different than the initials in the Account Manager field, then you may want to invoke a startup script (under File -> File Options...) that includes:


          If [ Get ( AccountName ) = <the account name in questions> ]

             Set Field [ <a global storage field> ; <the initials of the Account Manager> ]

          End If




          A global storage field is a field that contains the same result for every record.  Each user who opens a shared file has their own value in the global field.


          Now, you can set your Access Privileges to:


          Account Manager = <global storage field>


          ... and only those users that sign in as the Account Manager will view those records.


          Please let me know if you need clarification for any of the above steps.



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