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Defining fields for a procedural checklist application

Question asked by JDN on Sep 22, 2013
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Defining fields for a procedural checklist application



          Thank you for your time, for a pro I'm sure this will be an easy question.  I am a novice and just finished 8 hours of Filemaker Pro instruction that did not answer this question, and I can't find anything similar on the forums so thank you for your help.  

     What I am doing:  I am essentially creating a procedural checklist database to be used for a website and app.  

     My problem: I have 1 table.  The individual records will correspond to different procedural checklists.  I don't know how to most efficiently define the fields within a particular procedural checklist.  As you can see from the attached image, for each step in the checklist, I have "3 explanations".  The first explanation is 1-3 words, the second is a sentence or so in length, and the third up to a paragraph.  They have different levels of detail for the different experience levels of the users that will use them.  

     My plan:  I'm sure there is a better way of doing this (hence the post to the forum), but the only way I can figure to do this is to make discreet fields similar to the following (most checklists will probably have a max of 12 steps or so):

     BasicViewStep1, BasicViewStep2, BasicViewStep3, ... BasicViewStep30

     IntermediateViewStep1, IntermediateViewStep2, IntermediateViewStep3, ... IntermediateViewStep30

     InDepthViewStep1, InDepthViewStep2, InDepthViewStep3, ... InDepthViewStep30

     ...and then just play with the formatting on the Layout view to make it look similar to the Excel spreadsheet that I attached (for ease of inputting).


     I guess this is similar to my other question.  I want to have tags for each procedural checklist.  The fields I was planning on was "Tag1, Tag2, Tag3... Tag10".  And I want to have a list of supplies with discreet fields: "Supply1, Supply2, Supply3, ... Supply 40."  I don't know the max number of Tags or Supply's I will need yet.

     I feel that I need discreet fields, because my app and website will be listing the supplies individually so that you can check them off when you get them.  

     On excel, this is easy to do, I guess I just don't know how to translate that ease to Filemaker.  And I'm still learning the Filemaker Lexicon... I'm sure there is an easy solution to this, its just that after 9 hours of work addressing only this, I still haven't found the answer.

     Thank you so much for your help.