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Delays on related values (unstored calculated field)

Question asked by PaulSmith on Jun 27, 2011
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Delays on related values (unstored calculated field)


Good day,

I have an application in which I've split the client and data into seperate files. The dat is then further rationlised into seperate files (I largely inherited this). Something like this:

Client application.fm7

Invoices.fm7    (invoice data)


In the invoice file I have an invoice table that has unstored calculated fields for description, tax rate etc from a products table in the products file (it's only an example - no need to criticise the faulty business logic here please).

My problem is that once I've saved a row in the invoices table it can take quite some time to propogate the calculated results from the products table. This causes problems when the invoice screen does not reflect the correct values for a period after saving. Is there something I can add to the script to either force the refresh, or prevent control returning to the user until the update is complete.

I haven't tried this on the server yet by the way, this is just on my stand alone development platform.

Thanks in advance,