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    Delete A Database?



      Delete A Database?


      How do you do delete a database?  I've removed all the data, all the records, all the fields and all the tables . . . but still can't figure out how to remove the database instance.

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          Trashing it ?


          Or do you mean: delete a single table of a multi-tables DB ?

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               When I was learning, I created a database (not a table) that I now want to get rid of.
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                 Delete it the way you delete other files made with Word, Excel, et. Use the Finder (OSX), or Explorer (Windows) then delete the file. You don't use FileMaker to do this. 
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                   It bothered me to delete it this way because I was afraid of corrupting FM (if it couldn't access a file it thought was still there).  Also FM does show the database in the intial open splash screen even though it can no longer be opened.
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                     It won't corrupt FM.
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                    Let's pretend I'm **bleep** and I don't want it to show up on the opening screen ("Filemaker Quick Start" list).  Theoretically, if a person did not plan well, they could have scads of dumb empty databases appear in that screen if not deleted.


                    Sorry to be so basic, but I worry about things like this . . . its looking more and more like a messy loose end.


                    I can't believe it bleeped a*n*a*l.  What are we in the fourth grade?

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                      I had to go back to preferences and turn this feature back on to see what you are talking about. This is just a "recently opened file" list like you find in many applications such as MS Word. In all of them, they simply store filepaths to the most recently opened files. If you delete or rename one, this list doesn't automatically update. If you to select such a file from a recent items list, you'll get a simple error message telling you that the application can't find the file.


                      This is pretty standard behavior across a wide range of applications. It's even less of a problem for Filemaker Pro as you simply don't go around creating new database files with anything like the frequency most users would with MS Word, for example.

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                        Go to Preferences, under the first tab, change "Show recently opened files" to zero or 1. Then close preferences. Then re-open preferences again and change to 10 or whatever again. 


                        I have to fool around with this with Quickbooks from time to time.  


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