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Delete a Filemaker File from within...

Question asked by SamuelHall on Nov 29, 2012
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Delete a Filemaker File from within...



     So I know this is a little odd but I was wondering if anyone has tackled this before, I am attempting to delete the filemaker file from within it, as part of a script which will take you back to a main FMP File.

     Essentially what I am dealing with is a database which handles current HR information and can be manipulated to see how individual changes will affect the Budget of the company as a whole, what my manager would like is a way to create multiple copies of the database which can then be edited differently and compared (this part is done) then from within those files he wants to be able to delete them as they are discarded.

     I had considered just using duplication of all positional data with an instance variable but he would like to be able to send the databases individually so there needs to be separation of the old and new datasets.

     Currently I am considering saving the Files on creation to a temporary folder and then having a script for moving it to a permanent folder if desired, however this is an opt-in option where I would prefer an opt-out.

     Any Ideas would be nice, at the moment we are not running any plugins, FMP 11 v4.


     Sam Hall