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Delete All = Scary!

Question asked by Matty_1 on Aug 15, 2013
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Delete All = Scary!


     Hi Guys,


     I've used this type of script scenario countless times but never with the delete all function so I just want to pass this by some of you to make sure I'm not missing anything, because delete all scares the cr@p out of me.  What I have it the following:

     Set Error Capture [On]

     Perform Find [Restore]

     If [Get ( LastError ) = 0]

     Delete All Records [No Dialog]

     End If

     What my perform find does is search a particular field with the following criteria: =="Delete".  If I understand clearly, the perform function ONLY ever show records that say Delete and completely bypass this if nothing shows up, correct?

     Again, I know this is simple stuff but I don't want to end up losing an entire tables data due to some random oversight.

     Appreciate the help!