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Delete all records in Portal

Question asked by jamie.hunt on Jul 2, 2009
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Delete all records in Portal


Hey guys, I'm pretty stuck, I've searched online but cant find the answer.


I have a layout showing two portals. The layout shows related records from a table called TotalTicket. There are two portals on this layout, one showing related services and the other showing related retail. I need to write a script that will delete all records showing in the 2 portals and then delete the Total ticket itself.


So far I have named a field in each portal. One called "serviceportal" the other "retailportal".... and in the script


Go to object "Serviceportal"

Delete related record

go to object "Retailportal"

Delete related record


This only deletes the first record, I need it to delete all records shown in the portal.


I hope someone can help