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    Delete blank records in batch



      Delete blank records in batch


           After importing from Excel a simple text database, I want to clean up the file before adding to it. I have about 225 records, and tens of thousands of blank records. I cannot figure out how to delete all the records starting at a certain row -- or, in the alternative, how to copy the ones I want and move them to a new file to start fresh. 

           I am new to FMP and incapable of more advanced moves like writing scripts. Any suggestions on basic cutting/pasting or batch-deleting? Thanks.

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               Let say that you imported a spreadsheet that has 5 columns (can have many more).  Put FileMaker in find mode by clicking the "Find" icon in the Status Toolbar or selecting "Find Mode" under the "View" menu.  In all five columns enter the equals character "=" (without quotes) then press the enter key or click the "Perform Find" icon.  All the blank records will be displayed.  Now go up to the "Records..." menu and select "Delete Found Records.." to delete all the empty records.

               This can be automated with scripts very easily, recommend looking into the "Perform Find[]" and "Delete All Records[]" script steps.


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                 That worked beautifully and simply. Thank you very much.