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Delete duplicates problem

Question asked by GuyStevens on Aug 31, 2011
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Delete duplicates problem


I've been trying out several different scripts to try and delete duplicate records in a table. But I don't seem to be able to get them to work like they should.

The idea is that I import data from different tables into one table so I can create a report from that table. But that table can't have duplicate data.
The data comes from a global field and a sum total. (I'm Dutch, so some of the words might seem odd to you)


The closest one I've gotten is the fillowing script:


That turns the long list into the short list. (See images furher down)

But if you look closely you see that the short list is missing the "Telefoonkosten"
They seem to have gotten entirely deleted.

I tried to use "!" in Find mode to look for duplicates, but that simply returns all my records.

Any ideas?

Before the Script:

Before script

After the script:

After Script