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Delete external files script?  Possibly Send DDE Execute script?

Question asked by CarlaS on Sep 21, 2010


Delete external files script?  Possibly Send DDE Execute script?


Is there a way to have a script delete external files (perhaps Send DDE Execute Script)?

Here is the situation.  We have a set of scripts which manages external files (usually PDF or PPS) which are available via an online ordering system.  There are two sets of files stored in separate directories.  One directory (Current Viewable Files) contains the files which are currently viewable files via the online ordering system.  The second directory (Future Viewable Files) contains new or revised files which are pending future viewable files that will become available on the online ordering system at a future activation date.  A script retrieves the future files from the Future Viewable Files directory and stores them in a container field via Insert File script step.  Then, a script exports these files to the Current Viewable Files directory on the pre-defined activation date via the Export Field Contents script step. 

What I want to add to this process is to create a script that would delete the files from the Future Viewable Files directory once they have been either been successfully inserted in the container field or when they have been successfully exported  to the Current Viewable Files directory.  I was thinking this might be possible using the Send DDE Execute script but I have never worked with this script step and don’t have any idea how to use it.  Any help with would be greatly appreciated.




BACKGROUND INFO:  We are using Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced and Filemaker Server 10 Advanced. Filemaker Server Advanced is running on a Windows PC server. We have about 25 Filemaker client users (both Mac & PC). We also have non-Filemaker client users for employees company wide to access a couple of layouts via Custom Web Publishing. The cleint has been using this Filemaker database since 1998. I personally have been using Filemaker since the late 1980’s when it was called Claris Works. We just recently upgraded from Filemaker 5 to Filemaker 10 and are in the process of a major overhaul of the entire database. Records in the main table represent individual marketing jobs (usually print jobs - i.e. brochure, forms book, mailer, etc.). Then, we have about 18 related tables for tracking various aspects of a job through the production schedule, from job initiation to completion. It tracks milestone due dates, design specs, licensing information, inventory, distribution, costs, ordering, etc.