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Delete from a Portal Row

Question asked by david583 on Jan 24, 2010
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Delete from a Portal Row


FM Pro10, Windows XP, Hosted Network.


I have a layout based on a table of repair codes. On the layout there is a portal of the same table with a cartesian relationship (x) which shows a list of all the codes. Selecting a portal entry populates detail fields for the record that are not shown in the portal (Go To Related Record).


I have a delete button on the layout. When pressed it asks if I want to delete the Master or this one related record. If I select Master I get the normal delete record dialog, select yes and it works fine.


Is there a way to do this by script in one step as the master/related dialog confuses some users?


If I select 'Delete Related Record' or change the button to 'Delete Portal Row' the whole portal is empty as all records are deleted from the portal. I believe this is because of my relationship being cartesian. (Is there a better way to show all records in a portal based on the same table?)

I would like to try and avoid a button on every row of the portal if possible.