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    Delete From Container



      Delete From Container


           Hi All,

           I am trying to get a script to delete a file from a container field.

           I alredy have four container fields set up, with a delete button.  It works fine.  I copied and pasted that button then changed the script to reflect the following:


           Set Error Capture [On]
           Show Custom Dialog {"Confirmation"; "Do you want to permanently delete " & Get ( ScriptParameter ) & "?"]
           If [Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1]
              Halt Script
           End If
           Set Field By Name ["Personnel Records::" & Personnel Records::Photo | Container; ""]
           Commit Records/Request [Skip data entry validation; No dialog]


           The Optional Script Parameter I've set is: Personnel Records::Photo | Container

           It's the photo in the Peronnel Records starter solution.

           Yet, when I click the button, nothing happens...  What is it that I'm doing incorrectly?

           Any suggestions?

           Thank you!