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Delete pdf in temp file after creation?

Question asked by jdevans on Jul 3, 2015
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Delete pdf in temp file after creation?


I've been getting help from PhilModJ on using Get(TemporaryPath) and/or Get(DesktopPath) to create a pdf of a found set of records, then once the pdf is created, create a new record with it, inserting the new pdf as the contents of a container field. Most of this is either working or in the works.

However- One thing I'd like to do after the new record is created is to delete the pdf from where it was created, either in the Temp file or the Desktop, as a means of cleaning up afterwards. All I really need after all is the record created in the container field. I have no need of the pdf file outside of the FileMaker database. Any thoughts or suggestions would be splendid.