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    Delete Portal Row



      Delete Portal Row


      I have two portals from two separate related tables on the same layout.  On each portal there is a button caled DELETE.  Both portals are set up to allow deletion of a portal row.


      On one portal I cannot delete a row.  The button is there, it is a one line script DELETE PORTAL ROW and is within the portal row.


      On the second portal, it works fine.


      The layout is based on the APPLICATIONS table, the one portal is BANK ACCOUNTS and the second is INVESTMENTS.


      Any ideas?


      FM 10


      Thank you

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             Is 'Allow deletion of portal rows' selected for both portals?
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              Thank you for your post.


              There are a few possibilities why this isn't working, so let's assume the button is corrupt.  Therefore, create a new button, place it on the layout, and set the button to either the designated script or to the command "Delete Portal Row".  Go to Browse Mode and see if this works.  If not, then make sure the top handles of the button fall inside the portal.  If so, then perhaps the portal is corrupt.  Create a new portal with the same fields, width, etc.  Try again.


              Please keep everyone updated with your progress.



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                Today, before trying anything, IT WORKED.  One point I did not make yesterday but perhaps should have, I am using Filemaker 10 Server for this application.  It might be that the recod was somehow locked by another thus not permitting a deletion.  I have several users on this application.


                Thank you ... Once again TSGAL!