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Delete portal row fails on first time only

Question asked by dwight on Oct 19, 2009
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Delete portal row fails on first time only


I have a portal on a layout that is giving me some problems. I have written a script to handle the portal record deletions, when all of the fields in one portal record are blank the script will delete the portal record. This script is fired on record commit on the layout. Most times this script works fine. But if I do these steps first thing after opening Filemaker the Delete Portal Row will fail and a blank record (or more) will be saved to my table - Add a portal record by keying something, erase what you have keyed (leaving a blank portal record), commit all the records. Now if I go to the table those portal records should be in using a simple one-table layout and go to the end based on my sequencially numbered key I can't see the record. When I do a find using the sequentially numbered key > 0 I see one more record than when I do show all. What is going on here?


I sure could use some ideas on fixing this. I am using FM pro advanced 10.0v3 on MAC OSX 10.5.8. Not using IWP or CWP.