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Delete Portal Row Issue

Question asked by JLG on Mar 1, 2010
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Delete Portal Row Issue


I am having an issue with "Delete portal row" on my program I just placed on Filemaker server 10.  The program works fine under Filemaker Pro10 and Advanced 10.  I have several portals located on a tabbed layout with a button in the portal rows for deletion.  The button runs a script that goes to the current portal row and selects it (so it highlights it for the user), then displays a dialog box asking the user if they wish to delete, then based on the answer uses the delete portal row statement.  No issues whatsoever running it multi-user or standalone with pro, but now it is intermittent with server.  I can create several portal records, try to delete them and some of them refuse to delete.  The proper row highlights, but just will not delete.  Running debugger doesn't show an error on the script.  I tried changing the button to an action step delete portal row verses scripting and it does the same thing.  Only way I can get the portal record to delete is to re-start the client copy then delete it.  I searched and did not find any issues related to deleting portal rows with server.  Anyone have any ideas or known issues?







Win XP Pro SP3

Filemaker Pro 10

Filemaker Advanced 10

Filemaker Server 10