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Delete Record Problem

Question asked by hobbiesdeveloper on May 6, 2012
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Delete Record Problem



I'm trying to get my Delete Record to work properly between a relationship table. I currently have a table for Products and a table for Purchase Orders. When I'm in the Purchase Order table and click on Delete Record it runs a quantity adjustment script which subtracts the purchase order quantity with the Products:OnPOQuantity.

For some reason when exectuting the Delete Record command after adjusting the onPo Quantity field it doesn't perform any changes to the Product:onPOQuantity Field. I checked the Data Viewer and it does change the Quantity on PO field in the Products Table when running the Delete Purchase Order Script from the Purchase Order Table but after the Delete Records is executed it somehow reverts the changes and leave the onPO empty.

Very conrfused with this problem, not sure if my relationship table is properly setup, if not please let me know what options I need to take to setup the relationship table between the Products Table an the Purchase Orders Table?


Or there might be another option that I don't know about.


Please help.