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Delete record script

Question asked by MoOsman on Jul 10, 2012
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Delete record script



So I'm a beginner in File Maker, but thanks to these online forum I'm advancing. My issue right now is finding a script to delete SOME fields within a record and update them from an Excel sheet. The current script I have deletes everything and inster the updates. 

Is there a way to say delete all records except "Person Photo and Notes" for example? Please help (^^,)

Below is my current script


if [$$fmauto_1065090 <> 1 or Get ( ScriptParameter )]

Go to Layour ["Complete Details" (Details)]

Freeze Window

Show All Records

Delete All Records [No dialog]

Import Records [No dialog; Source: "fulldata.xlsx": Worksheet: "District 1": Add: Mac Roman]

Set Variable [$$fmauto_1065090: Value:1]

Go to Layour [original layout]

End If