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Deleted Contacts on Accident

Question asked by oscargonzalez on Aug 13, 2014
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Deleted Contacts on Accident


     After several days of tweaking my database, i finally got it to what i needed.  I added 123 contacts to my Contact database three times and have lost them three time.  i linked Contact database to Estimate and Invoice system.  both worked great, until i needed to update my estimate system by adding customer number i left out, when i updated Est data it duplicated my customer list on that database.  i then deleted that entire list in Estimate data (not Contact data) and noticed i lost once again the original Contact database. 

     Stinking tired of re-entering my entire contact list... lol.  I tried to undo but, of course, (just my luck) it says it cant be done.  i have not shut down the system in hopes that there is a way to retrieve my contact list once again without re-entering.  hope you can help, otherwise - back to the grind of enter my list again.  ugh....