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Deleted Records Still Listed

Question asked by disabled_leecy on Mar 31, 2014
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Deleted Records Still Listed


     I am pretty new to Filemaker. I have a long list of student records entered. When I delete a record, it no longer appears in the Table View of the Layout. However, it sill shows in the Toolbar box that lists student IDs so that the toolbar ID number does not match the next record. Very confusing.

     Example: I have a student record of Mary Jones. Her ID is 9. I have another student named Randy Casey. His ID is 10. When I delete Mary Jones from my records, she is no longer listed in the table view of the layout. However, when I scroll through records in the toolbar box, Randy Smith now comes up as #9 although he continues to be listed correctly among my records as # 10, his real ID.

     Any suggestions as to how to match the layout # and the toolbar #  after I delete a record? The toolbar box doesn't delete the record, apparently.

     Thanks for any help you can offer. Leecy