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deleting "taxable" from invoices??

Question asked by WofDiscovery on Oct 8, 2012
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deleting "taxable" from invoices??


     Does anyone know how to delete the "taxable" from showing up on invoices??  I run a nonprofit organization, so my invoices shouldn't say taxable on them, because everything is tax-deductible...but I have deleted the tax rate and tax amount from the layout, deleted them under managing the database and under managing the value lists.  It STILL shows up and I have NO IDEA where it's coming from because it's not on the invoices that I'm working with, but when you go to print the preview for print shows the title "taxable" with a little x-ed out box below it.  I like using the formatted invoice, because then I only needed to change a few things I REALLY don't want to have to start from scratch for a new invoice just to stop this one word from showing up.  Can someone PLEASE help me?