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Deleting a Found Set in a script

Question asked by RCaauwe on Dec 3, 2009
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Deleting a Found Set in a script


I am using Filemaker Pro 10 on a Mac.

I will be importing a very large database (from the FAA)occasionally, but I only am interested in a much smaller number of records.  Since their database is so huge, I would like to delete, with a script, all of the records I don't need.  One field contains a Code number.  I want to delete all the records that are <7104605 and >7104622.

My script looks something like this:


GoTo Layout (name of layout)

Enter Find Mode

Perform Find  (<7104605)

Extend the Found Set (>7104622)

???????????  (what can I put here to delete the found set?)

GoTo layout (original)


I can't find the option to Delete Found Set.  I know I could probably do this manually each time, but it would be nice to let a script do it.