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Deleting a related record

Question asked by dvra on Feb 18, 2010
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Deleting a related record


This question has probably been answered before but cant seem to find the answer. 


I have a table of contacts and a table of contactgroups which has 2 fields "Group Name" and "ContactIDs" , in the ContactsIDs field i have all contactIDs from my contact table. So for example my contactgroups table would look like.



Group Name                  ContactIDs

MyGroupname1                10 22 48 32 

MyGroupName2                18 14 23 33



Im displaying the related contactIds in a portal but when i delete the portal records it also deletes the parent Contact records. How do i simply delete the id from the field without deleting the parent record?


I have a relationship between the 2 tables and i do not have any of the relationship options checked


Im using filemaker pro advance 9 


is it also possible to add to the groupname a additional id? if you can help with the first question it will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you