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Deleting Duplicates with Different Criteria

Question asked by ScottFishkind on Jan 24, 2014
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Deleting Duplicates with Different Criteria


     Hi FM Pro users

     I am very new to FM Pro but have now spent the last 18 hours hooked... with very little sleep.

     I have multipal lists both in .xls and .csv with 1000's of contact records that I would like to consolidate into one list. These contact lists contain many duplicates of which have varying information. For instance one list might have John Doe with Company name and email but no address or phone number. Another list might have John Doe with only address and phone number. 

     When I import a new list of contacts into my master contact list I was able to write the script for DeDuping based on first and last name criteria replacing the Mark field with "X" and it works great (see script screen attachment).

     But as I continue to import more lists I need to be able to delete only the duplicates with the least amount of additional information (such as addresses or phone numbers) or that might contain the additional data I already have. But if one file is missing a phone number I need to then import it into the contact.

     Any ideas or suggestions on how to do this would be extremely helpful. 

     Thank you!